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Learn to Save Money, Get Rid of Debt, and Invest to Grow Long Term Wealth

Millionaire Minter is a Personal Finance and Investing Blog Designed to Teach you to Save Money, Get Rid of Your Debt, and Invest Aggressively to Grow Long Term Wealth.

It is the Ultimate Resource for Your Financial Success.

  • Learn from MillionaireMinter as he Makes Important Financial Decisions and Mistakes, Sometimes Learning the Hard Way is the Only Way.
  • Learn to Set a Budget, Prioritize Debt Payment & investments to Plan for Financial Freedom.
  • Expand Your Knowledge of Personal Finance and Investments.
  • Learn New Methods to Help you Set and Accomplish Your Financial Goals.
  • Learn to Remove Limiting Beliefs, and get into the Mindset for Financial Success and Achievement.
  • Learn about Various Investments and Methods to Accomplish your Financial Goals and how to Grow Long Term Wealth.
  • Learn about the Importance of Estate Planning as Part of an Overall Financial Plan.
  • Learn the MillionaireMinter Philosophy to Set High Goals, Make it Clear what you Want, Set your Financial Plan in Action, and Achieve Financial Freedom.

Financial Success and Achievement

It Starts with you and Your Financial Goals.

Learn to set specific, focused and compelling goals (ones that will motivate you). Do you want to be a Millionaire? Be financially free? What does this mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Visualize it, be specific. Write it down, set the goal, then you must learn to take massive, focused action to reach your financial goals. You must believe in yourself, and invest in yourself to get where you want to go. Believe in yourself, take the time and effort to determine what it is that you want; time, money, freedom, success. I believe in myself and will share my goals with you…..I want to double my income in the next 5 years, pay off all debts (absent a mortgage) and within the next 10-15 years become a millionaire many times over. Impossible you say? Perhaps, but I’m certainly going to give it my best efforts and believe I’m off to a good start. In the last 5 years I have more than doubled my income and make a pretty good living, I have gone from a very troubling financial situation stemming from the housing market collapse and overall financial market collapse, which included several hundred thousand in debt to less than $80k in debt, including student loans and a car loan, and have grown retirement assets to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, making over 80% last year on my personal 401k.

This site was started with the goal of helping individuals learn some of the basic and not so basic common financial wisdom about personal finance and investing and to provide a frame work for individuals to use to expand their knowledge, utilize tools such as goal setting, personal finance software, investment sites, to grow their long term wealth and achieve their financial goals alongside me.

Gain Knowledge in the Areas of Personal Finance and Investments

Achieve Financial Success and Meet Your Financial Goals.

There are rules of personal finance and methods to financial success that anyone can use to work toward their financial goals. This site is designed as a resource to assist anyone with gaining knowledge in the areas of personal finance and investments so they may have the knowledge and make personal decisions as to their own investments and finances while considering their age, risk tolerance, overall goals, desires, dreams, ability to bounce back, and capacity for regrets. Some would rather flounder trying to achieve their dreams, taking big risks, and not living with the regret of what could have been, while others prefer the slow, steady, certain approach, and simply want a certain level of security and comfort. It all depends on you, but expanding your knowledge in the areas of personal finance and investing can only benefit you in the long run. Even learning one simple bit of financial wisdom early on, and putting it into action could potentially pay off many times over throughout the course of the next 20-30 years before you retire, or even if you plan to retire in the next few years.

Who is the MillionaireMinter?

A family man making over six figures, socking away money into his 401k and worrying about how to pay for his kids college, fund a nice retirement, and achieve or come close to his goal of becoming debt free and a multimillionaire within the next 10-15 years. One whose willing to take on common financial wisdom, perhaps to his detriment (only time will tell) and to take on a high level of risk for the possibility of larger reward with his investments (at least for the next few years).

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