About Millionaire Minter.

This site was started to provide valuable financial knowledge and resources in the areas of personal finance, and investment. Additionally, I plan to share some of my own life lessons and goals, and to document my journey to achieve my financial dreams. I’m just a family man who makes a good living, wants to put his kids through college, and is trying to pump money into my retirement account and grow long term wealth. I’ve come a long way from where I began financially, but have a long way to go to get to my goal of being a debt free multi-millionaire in the next 10-15 years. I am fairly well read in the areas of personal finance and investing, know the common advice in these areas, but don’t always follow it, which has been a bit risky at times and made my investments go up and down, making and losing tens of thousands of dollars at a time. However, one thing is certain, I feel that i would rather take some risks, than always wonder what would have been or could have been, had I followed my heart. Things won’t always work out as planned, but I firmly believe that things always end up as they should, there is a reason things happen in life, and often times I have found when a window shuts a door opens and over time it all makes sense. Keep your head up, work hard, keep a positive and uplifting attitude, be true to yourself, and a kind person, and good things happen.

My goal is to provide a framework for those looking to rehab their finances and focus on getting a plan in place and achieving their financial goals whether that be early retirement, becoming a millionaire, or increasing passive income, or simply achieving financial security for your family. I also want to help you learn what can happen both when you follow the common financial advice, and what can happen when you don’t, through my life experiences.

It is my hope that in reviewing this site, you will find the methods, tools, and techniques that you can apply in your own life as I have to turn your life around financially and achieve your financial goals and dreams.  Applying some of the tools and techniques in this site I have been able to change my life for the better and wish the same for you. I have paid down tens of thousands in debts, am presently working on getting to debt free, have increased my income dramatically by focusing on providing more value than expected at work, and am working toward a successful retirement. The goals are set, the plan in place, and I am taking consistent action toward those goals, which I must say feels extremely satisfying and rewarding.

I believe you should never stop learning, never stop dreaming, and never stop setting and achieving goals. This is the juice of life and what keeps the blood pumping through your veins. Setting big goals and achieving provides a very fulfilling feeling. Having exciting goals that motivate you is super important as it is those goals and your drive toward them that will give you an added boost of energy each day and bring additional excitement to your life.

This site also aims to answer many important questions surrounding investing, personal finances, and retirement. If you have any questions, suggested topics, or segments you would like to see, please send an email as I would love to hear your suggestions and perhaps we can help answer a common question others are having as well in these areas. Thanks for taking the time to read through the site and also please be sure to check out the recommended reading on financial success. The only true way to master something is to fully immerse yourself. Here’s to our continued financial success!

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