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Recommended Books for Financial Success

It has always been a belief of mine that if you want to improve your life in any area, you can focus on and study that area to achieve better results. This can hold true for finances, success, management, leadership, investing and growing long term wealth, etc. Below are some of my top picks for those looking to learn to improve their finances, set themselves up for a better and more fulfilling life both financially and spiritually, and grow wealth. There is also something in there for those interested in trading stocks, the psychology behind it and money management principles used by a professional trader named John Carter. These are all excellent books i have read over time due to my interests in the areas of personal finance and investing.

I firmly believe, an investment in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. The below books are highly recommended for learning new ways to put yourself in a peak state for achieving financial goals (in addition to any other life goals you may have), as well as learning about how to invest in top growth stocks and learning to come up with a trading plan (for those interested in having a portion of any future investments set aside for active trading). I have read them and can attest to their quality and substance. I hope you read them and enjoy them as much as I have. Click directly on a book of interest to be taken to the review/details page to learn more and to purchase your copy today.

How to Get Your Finances Straight:

How to Invest/Investments & Trading:

Success and Personal Achievement: 

It is also highly recommended to look into Amazon kindle (as pictured below). I have it myself, and though you cannot find every book in their selection they do have many financial, investment, and success books available for avid readers and those who are hungry for success. It is a very minimal monthly fee and allows you to read any and all books within their selection for that fee. Here’s to your success!

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