Why I Bought More Tron (TRX) at $.038 cents

Why Did I Buy Tron(TRX) at $.038? 

First of all, it’s one of the cheaper top 20 coins (those with the highest market caps). Is this a great reason to buy either a coin or a stock? No, as whether something is truly cheap in relation to its competitors must be based upon some underlying rationale such as it having a lower PE ratio, etc. Here there does not appear to be any such rationale. In fact the opposite may be true, as the overall market cap for TRX is around $3-4 billion at these prices, Meaning if you believe that the overall market cap cannot or will not exceed that of Bitcoin (the coin with the biggest market cap) TRX may not have much room to run from its present .038 or so, possibly to $1, maybe $2 if the market really heats up. However, based upon the fact that there has been much irrational exuberance surrounding the overall cryptocurrency market fairly recently (within only the last few months; with Bitcoin hitting a high of over $19,000 in December 2017) I think there is a good chance that TRX could make a bit of a run if the overall market goes on another run up possibly to $1-2 and maybe more. I can’t provide a specific target, but it previously hit a high of around $.36 cents and I believe it will exceed that target at some point in the next year or two, should the overall market run up.

Second, TRX has many upcoming possible catalysts including its Beta test launch, release of its Main net, and a coin burn (the effect of which is unknown) coming up at the end of March and May 2018. These potential catalysts provide potential investors with a huge potential opportunity to profit. Is there downside potentially? Yes, it is possible that TRX could go down as it was in fact much lower a year ago (it has run up in excess of 1,000% this past year). However, my personal opinion is that if the overall market heads up, TRX has the potential catalysts in place to send it flying much higher, and I believe it’s worth risking a few thousand dollars. $3,080 the other day would have bought 100,000 coins. Meaning you would then have $50,000 if the price of the coin went to $.50 (remember this shot up to $.36 in December briefly). To me, that seems to be an acceptable risk to reward ratio.

Finally, of all the coins out there, TRX is the one created and run by Justin Sun, a protege of Jack Ma (Alibaba Founder and Billionaire). Justin Sun has previously created and runs PeiWoo, a successful online venture with over 10,000,000 users and has a huge support base. His track record of success and his dedication to this company so far, along with the investment in talented internet professionals who are working on development of the underlying technology makes me feel this is a better investment than many of the no name coins out there which are simply trying to take advantage of the irrational exuberance surrounding bitcoin (those with no technological background or track record for success). Why would anyone invest in those coins? I find it hard to understand. I do however, think that Justin Sun, can and will produce something favorable for investors here and is dedicated to this company.


TRX is a risky, speculative investment, as is any other cryptocurrency (there are regulatory risks, etc.). However, within the overall cryptocurrency market it is an excellent choice, run by a founder with a successful track record in the technological arena. It also has many positive catalysts coming up which in favorable market conditions will send this coin much higher. I have purchased at various stages with an overall price of .075 cents. at present the price is at .0478. The overall risk to reward seems acceptable to me and I believe it is worth the risk for anyone willing to make a bet and potentially lose a few thousand, there is a decent chance of profiting well in excess of the money invested here.

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Tron Coin to Lead Cryptocurrency Rally?

Justin Sun CEO of Tron Coin just announced a countdown to the launching of the TRON test net. This has been widely awaited in the cryptocurrency community and those loyal TRX investors and believers feel that this may be a game changer for TRON, which they believe will become not only a top ten cryptocurrency when the market bounces, back, but one of the leaders among them.

TRON (TRX), has gone from a high of around .30 to its current price of around .027 cents. Many cryptocurrencies appear to be trading in tandem with Bitcoin and have also fallen significant amounts from the December highs (although many are still up hundreds or thousands of a percent for the year). TRX has many positives which could act as catalysts to thrust the price of this coin sky high should the overall cryptocurrency market turn around and run up again (which remains to be seen). These events include a coin burn which Justin Sun previously indicated would be very exciting for TRX holders (but has yet to detail), the beta launch, and Mainnet launch are all coming up within the next few months. These are detailed in turn below.

First Beta Launch 
TRON is expected to launch the first beta version-Exodus on March 31, 2018. Exodus is expected to allow for 1,000 transactions per minute, remove etherium dependency and will enable small smart contracts to be created in various programming languages including Java compiled into byte-code by the Tron compiler. This is considered to be very impressive technology and advancement in the cryptocurrency community if they are able to successfully do so.

TRON Test Net Launch 
TRON test net will pave the way for running a full node as well as allow for the deployment of customised digital assets. The test net is expected to have all the functions of a basic blockchain including checking data. The test net will allow for testing in readiness for the main net that is expected to hit the market on May 1, 2018.

TRON Mainnet Launch 
The TRON (TRX) holders should sit tight wait for TRON main net launch which is expected to separate TRON from Ethereum. This event is expected to propel TRX much higher as a positive catalyst. This is expected to provide TRX the lowest fees for transactions, thus increasing likely business partnerships (making TRX in demand), which will also increase trading volume and push the price of TRX much higher.

TRON Coin Burn
On March 31, 2018 a coin burn for TRX is supposed to take place. Many believe a coin burn works similar to a stock buyback in the sense that coins are removed permanently from the total supply amount, thus limiting total supply and raising the price for the remaining coins (however the effect, and outline/details as to how the coin burn will work, remain to be seen). Burning coins works on the principle of proof of burn which is an alternative to proof of work as well as proof of stake. The consensus algorithm requires that the miners provide the proof that they burned the coins. However, what happens is that the coins are sent to a verifiable and unspendable wallet. It works in the same way as proof of work, although it does not consume any resources except burning the coins.

TRON (TRX) has a series of positive catalysts which could send this coin higher if the overall market turns around and runs up again. Many believe in the future if Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market do survive only the best coins will remain. Based upon the actions taken by the leadership of TRX and the potential promise of its technology, it remains to be seen whether TRX will be a leader in the market and run much higher should the market turn around. However, it seems to be making all the right moves at this time. Additionally, Justin Sun it is widely known is a protege of Jack Ma (the Billionaire behind Alibaba Group). It is believed that once TRX has a working product Justin Sun may be able to bring Alibaba to the table through Jack Ma. These are just speculative rumors, but none the less interesting to speculate about. If this were to happen it would be a very valuable partnership to TRX and could act as a positive catalyst for the coins price.

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